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The Asia Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group (APCSWG) is a not-for-profit body of aviation safety supporters, including airline crew, trainers, investigators and managers, as well as the regulators. 

We meet bi-annually to facilitate the exchange of cabin safety information and sharing of resources, with the aim of promoting a proactive approach to cabin safety across the industry. Members may attend as individuals and / or as representatives of the organisation with which they may be associated.


  • To pursue the highest standards of cabin safety for aviation by identifying cabin safety issues and formulating position papers on those issues.


  • To constitute a body of experienced cabin safety personnel to promote the exchange of cabin safety information.


  • To share resources as appropriate for the investigation of related occurrences in the field of cabin safety.


  • To promote collaboration to avoid independent parallel efforts towards the same end and provide mutual assistance in cabin safety investigation.


  • To promote and encourage the pro-active approach to cabin safety through the exchange of information on research, research techniques and special studies.


  • To provide mutual assistance in the training of cabin safety investigators in both general and specific areas.

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